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How to Lead in Church Conflict: Healing Ungrieved Loss

By Dan Moseley and Bernie Lyon

"This book is enormously helpful. Put simply, the authors uncover one of the most important realities in the professional life of a clergy person--if we cannot understand and manage conflict, then we will never be able to minister to our churches. This is one of the best books on congregational life I have ever read."
-R. Scott Colglazier, Senior Minister, First Congregational Church of Los Angeles

"Dan Moseley and Bernie Lyon bring acumen and experience, abundantly laced with joy, pain, and hard-won wisdom. I commend this book to all who are ready to confront their own denial and fear of loss, and to pull back the curtain on how ministers and lay people become cocreators of vital community."
-Dick Hamm, Senior Consultant, The Columbia Partnership

"This is a much-needed book for the church, especially in a time when we often stumble in our faith to connect our traditions to relevant issues. The church must not only teach healing but also learn how to heal."
-David A. Hampton, Senior Pastor, Light of the World Christian Church, Indianapolis, Indiana

"This is the book of the year, or maybe, even, the book of your ministry. Rich and insightful, this book is painfully searing, especially for leaders who find themselves in a vortex of congregational conflict. Therein lies the grace. When you come to that heart-wrenching point where your skills and tools--and even faith--are not enough, when you do not know what to do, you are left with the only remaining option: learning to grieve well. Lyon and Moseley offer a gracious and unprecedented invitation to those bold enough or broken enough to take it."
-Holly McKissick, Pastor of Peace Christian Church in Kansas City, Missouri and Overland Park, Kansas

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Lose, Love, Live

The Spiritual Gifts of Loss and Change

By Dan Moseley

This book helps people live in with the losses that visit us in life. Life is discovered as we learn to live in the absence of those things that were meaningful. This book helps persons refocus their life through facing their losses and dreaming their future. The readers of this book will be empowered to discover their own strength and to embrace the adventure of new life. An expanded version of the book, Living with Loss, this book includes a Journaling and Study Guide.

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