It had rained for a day and a night.  I was in a downtown coffee shop enjoying the gifts of retirement.  It was a slow morning.  The owner's wife and 2 children had come to have breakfast.  As they were leaving mother dressed the kids for rain.  The all walked outside toward home.  Before they went 10 feet out the door, the almost 2 years old boy headed right for the gift to all little boys--an ankle deep puddle of water.  And, ignoring his mother's protestations, he walked right in!    Oh, to be young.

There is something seductive about the abandon with which almost 2 year olds take on the world.  They are curious and when something looks interesting, they explore.  They dive right in.

What is it about getting older that keeps us from divng into life?  What keeps us from tasting and exploring the unknown.  What sucks out our curiosity?  

I think it may be a lack of grace.  It may be fear that we will make a mistake.  It may be that we will become the mistake we make.  It may be that people will not forgive our mistake.  Ankle deep water dries, but some of the consequences of our mistakes don't disappear with a warm dry towel.  

Certainly caution has saved my life more than once.  But, oh to have a small measure of that little almost 2 year old's curiousity and freedom to explore.