It is just one of those days.  You know how they come from time to time and you just feel crappy—for no apparent reason?  Maybe it is the sliding temperatures, the heavy gray clouds, the cold wind that blows through the autumn clothes. Or maybe I am just due one of those days.

And my wife, Deborah, saw the my hang dog eyes and soon I noticed the aroma filling the house. Familiar! Warm! Memorable! And I went out of my study there was a rack of freshly baked oatmeal cookies filled with raisins and walnuts. Comfort food. Childhood memories! My soul warmed.

I got a glass of milk and ate a couple. Deb said, “Eat more!! Have as many as you want.! And I did.  “When was the last time you ate as many as you wanted?”  I couldn’t remember. A lifetime ago before my belt started complaining whenever I ate so much sugar. Back before I knew that sugar was addictive and that I ought to pace myself.

But, today I ate a few. And it was wonderful!  I began to feel better. I know that comfort eating can be a problem. I know that using food to deal with emotional issues can be a problem. I do not recommend this way of dealing with crappy days.

But, today it seemed OK. Today it was just what the soul longed for. Today it made me feel more human—or at least like the human I want to be. It was soft, warm, sugary, cinnamon, soul food.

And I loved it!