Today i got back in touch with my origins. Hiking in the rain, my tongue tasted the moisture which cradles and holds life. The rain, womb like in its warmth, blew onto my face, dripping from my chin. The rain sounded as a storm on the hood of my rain jacket.

Inside the rain jacket and pants sweat rolled down my back. Water, that which makes up 50-70 percent of the human body evaporates from the skin. Water, which covers over 70% of the globe, and evolutionarily the source of all human life, rained down on me and leaked out of  my skin.

I was overwhelmed with a sense of appreciation for life, a feeling that sometimes gets swallowed in the quotidian details of daily existence. I realized that much of my life I try to avoid getting out in the rain. I try to keep the water off me except when showering.  And when I do, I lose touch with the source of my  life.

As I hiked, one foot and then the other, I wanted to sing. Movies suggest that this is appropriate accompaniment for dancing in the rain. But, then I decided my singing would scare the squirrels and silence the birds. So, I simply walked, humming to myself.

I now have the rest of the day to return to my loves and my life. But, I am grateful for the moment of celebration of the origin of my life.