Esquire magazine’s article on Mayor Bloomberg indicated that a previous mayor said of his city, “New York is where the future comes to audition.” (Esquire, Feb 2011, (90).
2 January 1986, New York (NY) Times, “Text of the Address Delivered by Mayor Koch at His Third Inaugural,” pg. B5:  says “New York is the place where the future comes to rehearse.”
These quotes got me to thinking, “Where does the future come to audition or rehearse when we retire?”  “How do we find a place to audition the new self that we are becoming?  When we get a glimpse of what that new self might be, where do we go to rehearse the role that we are becoming?”
When we were young, those of us who were fortunate enough to go to university went there to audition and rehearse the new self that we were becoming.  But, where do we go to do that when we are late in life and changing our way of interacting with the world?
I don't know the answer but am working on it.  Any ideas?