It was the afternoon before Thanksgiving.  My wife, Deborah, had been cooking in preparation for a holiday dinner at the family gathering.  I joined her to add my hand in the cutting and cleaning.

"How about some music?"

I checked and found some Christmas music on Itunes Radio.  After a couple of Christmas Rock, we said, "What about thanksgiving music?  Is there even such a thing as secular thanksgiving music?"

I checked Pandora and picked Thanksgiving Music Radio.  And sure enough, all Christmas music.

Is there such a thing as secular thanksgiving music?  I know there are hymns of gratitude, but what about the secular holiday of Thanksgiving?  Is there no music to sing our thanks for the gifts of our life?

I am aware that those who grieve well the loss of the world the once knew are grateful people.  They are grateful for the gifts that they had for a season.  They see and acknowledge the daily sustaining resources that keep them living and loving.  As they look at what came to them in the past they are open to seeing the future as a gift as well.  They are even able to see the gift in the losses that made room for the life they are living now.

So, while I can't find much thanksgiving music on my computer, I do find songs of gratitude in my heart for each person who has been part of my blessed life.  I can name some and fill in lots of details about their gifts to me.  There are hundreds of others whose presence has sustained and nurtured me.  

Tomorrow on Thanksgiving,  music will be drumming in my heart as I share a day with some of my family and friends.  And I will be singing gratitude for all those who are not with me. And who knows, I may even write a Thanksgiving carol for next year!