Sometimes people pay big money for an ice sculpture. They have swans carved out of ice adorning a punch bowl. They carve bears out of huge chunks of ice at winter festivals.

But, sometimes these beautiful ice sculptures just appear.  I was driving toward the trails to hike and there, against the brown of the trees and the grey of the sky was this bright, white modern art sculpture, created by a broken fire hydrant.

Sometimes we miss the accidental beauty that adds color to our life.  Sometimes we drive-by life so fast that its tender gifts of grace go unnoticed.  Sometimes we are so distracted by the flickering seduction of cultural's temptations that we fail to pause and take in the accidental moments of elegance that visit us.

I drove by this gift, then turned around and went home to get my camera. It is in our nature to share the gifts of grace we receive.  So, I share it today.  I don't want to miss the accidental beauty that comes my way.