There are times in our lives when we lose our way. The path we are walking becomes overgrown or we are dropped down in a wilderness of unknowing where the way forward is hard to see. Our vision dims and the future we once saw has evaporated. What do we do when we can't see a way forward?

I was once lost in a woods. I had decided to get off the path trampled by humans and follow deer tracks. Deer must be able to squeeze through more underbrush than I can and before long I didn't know which way I was going. I lost track of the deer path and eventually was just walking, one foot in front of the other. It was getting dark and I began to feel anxious. 

I could not see my way out of the woods. So, I started listening. I listened carefully to the sounds and I became aware of low rumbling (trucks passing on the road I had taken to get to the woods). That helped orient me as I knew that the road ran north and south. I listened more and became aware of faint music. Must be life in that direction. So, I followed the sound.

I think when we can't see a vision for our future, we might listen for a direction. Sighted people tend to trust our sight more than what we hear.  But, at times we can't see very far forward and we have to learn to develop other senses. We have heard that God speaks in a still small voice.  Maybe when we are scared and don't know which way to turn we can slow our panicked heart, close our eyes and listen for hints of the direction we might go. We may not know where we are going to come out, but at least we can take courage that there might be hints in what we hear. And if we walk forward with courage, our vision might clear and our future might become more vivid.