Someone paid me a nice compliment recently. I responded, “Thanks, so much.  You made my day!!” I said it as a way of expressing appreciation for the kind remark.

But, I got thinking about my comment. What does it mean that other’s affirmation of me makes my day? To take it literally is a dangerous thing. The implication of this comment is that other people have the ability to make or break my day. My feelings about myself on this day are directly related to what someone else thinks about me. They have the power over me.

As I pondered this comment, I wondered what it might feel like to say to myself, “You made my day”?  What if I made my own day?  What would it be like to accept the responsibility for my own sense of well-being?

It seems as if I might have a better chance of determining my feelings about the day. If I love myself (and some days that is up some debate) then I can have far better days than if I wait for others to “make my day.”  

And if I make my own day, I am a better friend, partner, parent and companion. Because you see, when I determine my own sense of self, I am not always looking to others to do things for me. I can relate to others as they are, not as I need them to be so that I can feel good about my day.  I can love others for the gift they are to me, not so that they will do something so I can feel better about myself.

Self love is the source for other love. When I love myself and make my own day, I can accept others for who they are and love them as God made them.